A Guide To Winning Your First Webby Award

If you were an actor, you’d aspire to win an Oscar. If you were a singer, you’d want a Grammy. As a YouTuber, however, you likely have your heart set on winning a Webby. For online creators, winning a Webby Award is a paradigm of success. After all, the Webby Awards describe themselves as “honoring the best of the internet.”

Winning your own Webby doesn’t have to be a far-off dream. Here’s how to win a Webby Award.

1. Find the categories where your work fits best.

Because the Webb Awards stretch to encompass all kinds of different online content, there are a ton of categories you might be eligible for. As a YouTuber, your content will most likely fit under the video category. To find more specific categories, search through the most recent winners catalogue.

You might consider branching into categories outside of video as well. You should definitely check out the social category, considering where you could enter one of your other social media accounts. If you’ve created a podcast or branded content, there are categories for those as well.

2. Ensure your links are working.

All Webby Award entries are made with URLs, so you need to double and triple check that your links are working properly. If you accidentally enter a broken link or the wrong link, there will be no going back.

The best way to ensure you have the proper links is to organize them. Create a document with a list of the categories you want to enter. Then, under those headings, type the title of the video or project you plan to nominate. Copy and paste the link to each video project under its title.

Send the document to yourself and test the links, ensuring the go directly to the video or project, not the homepage of your channel or website. Finally, send the document to a friend and have them test the links as well. It may seem like overkill, but it’s better to be over-prepared than to risk entering the wrong link.

3. Register a Webby account for whoever’s going to nominate you.

Anyone can nominate someone for a Webby Award, but they can only save their work if they’ve registered for an account. If you plan to enter for five or more awards, you’ll be prompted to set up an account automatically. However, it’s a good idea to register for one anyway.

When you’re registering for an account, you’ll be asked to name your role. You would select “Agency” if the entry is being made by your agent or manager,  or “PR” if it’s being submitted by someone else who represents you.  You’ll choose “Internal” if you’re submitting your work yourself.

4. Campaign for yourself.

Every Webby Award has two winners. A Webby Winner is named by the awards committee, but the People’s Voice Winner is chosen through a public vote. Therefore, you have a better shot at winning if you can mobilize your audience to vote for you.

Campaign for your content to win the People’s Voice. Let your fans know which awards you’re nominated for and how they can vote for you. You might even turn it into a challenge with a tempting incentive at the end,such as a highly-requested video or a special live stream if you win.

Winning a Webby Award is a huge honor for anyone making content online. Find the categories your content fits best, then enter and campaign for your victory.

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