5 Ways To Boost Your Subscriber Count In A Month

Your channel’s subscriber count is one of the most important metrics determining your success. Generally, more subscribers means more views, which means more ad revenue. A higher subscriber count also leads to higher engagement levels across all of your social platforms.

A lot of prominent creators spent years building up their audiences of millions, but they took it one day at a time. Here are five effective ways to boost your subscriber count in just a month.

1. Hold a subscribers-only giveaway.

Giveaways get attention, no matter what platform you’re on. Many people jump at the chance to win something for free, and they’re willing to do something as simple as click subscribe for the opportunity. Holding a subscribers-only giveaway on your channel will help convert casual viewers to subscribers.

First, choose a cool prize your targeted audience would be interested in. Next, determine the parameters of your contest. Be specific with the requirements for your giveaway. Set a timeline, then list the steps for entering in your video’s call-to-action as well as its description. For example, you might have entrants subscribe to your channel, like the video, and comment why they want to win.

Finally, choose a winner when your entries are closed. You might announce them in a video or share their name on social media. Ensure they have a way to contact you, and make sure you send their prize out promptly.

2. Collab with someone whose audience shares interests with yours.

Collaborating on a video with another creator can help you gain subscribers by promoting your content to new potential viewers. In order for your collab to be effective, you should work with someone whose audience shares interests with yours. However, in order to reach new viewers, you shouldn’t work with a creator whose content aligns perfectly with yours.

For example, both NikkieTutorials and Glam&Gore create makeup videos. However, NikkieTutorials focuses more on glam makeup tutorials and product reviews, whereas Glam&Gore focuses on SFX makeup. By working together, they were able to introduce their makeup-loving audiences to a new style of tutorials.

3. Highlight the subscribe button with a unique call-to-action.

A call-to-action is meant to drive your audience to engage with your video. Like many creators, you probably end your videos with the reminder to “like, comment, and subscribe!”. While effective, that familiar phrase may not be as impactful as a custom call-to-action.

Utilize your call-to-action as an opportunity to highlight your subscribe button in a unique and creative way. For example, Safiya Nygaard changed the wording to “smash that subscribe button.” This slight alteration on the typical call-to-action catches viewers’ attention because they haven’t heard it a thousand times already.

4. Set a goal and incentive your audience to meet it.

If you don’t have prizes to giveaway or people to collab with, and you’re happy with your current call-to-action, you can mobilize your current audience to grow your subscriber count. First, set a realistic goal, such as reaching your next ten thousand subscribers by the end of the month. Then, challenge them to meet that goal in exchange for a special incentive.

You might promise a highly-requested video in exchange for meeting the goal. Alternatively, you could go live at a special time or make old videos you’ve hidden public again. You might even do a special merch drop or put your current merch on sale. Whatever incentive you choose, be sure to follow through as soon as you can once your goal is met.

5. Promote your videos on niche platforms.

Finally, you can gain more subscribers by meeting your target demographic where they already are. Research your niche online to find the platforms they frequent. Then, join the conversation, make connections, and share relevant videos you’ve created.

Reddit is a good place to start. Find subreddits related to your content niche by searching keywords. You can do a similar search on Facebook for relevant groups. Use Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to find hashtags related to your niche that you can use to promote your content from your personal feeds.

In order to boost your subscriber count in a month, you should focus on collabs and giveaways. Research your niche to find the best platforms to promote your content as well.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.