If Your View Count Is Plateauing, Read This

You’re here because your view count is plateauing. Your views are consistent, but they’re not increasing from week to week. You’re not one for complacency. While the level you’re at is comfortable, you’re ready to reach the next level.

Below are a few ways to jump start your channel’s growth again.

Try a really out-of-the-box video idea.

Your viewership is at a comfortable level because you’re comfortable with the content you create. Your viewers keep watching consistently because they genuinely enjoy the videos you upload. However, in order to reach new people, you’re going to have to shake things up.

Put yourself and your channel out there with a really out-of-the-box video idea. Keep the idea within your typical content niche, but reach in a direction no one else in your niche has gone before. Go one step bigger, invent an alternative method to what you usually do in your videos, or make that weird idea a subscriber suggested into a reality.

At one point, Simply Nailogical was a small nail art channel. However, the channel exploded in popularity when creator Cristine Rotenberg challenged herself to paint her nails with a hundred coats of polish. The video launched the “hundred layers” challenge as well as Cristine’s online career.

Focus on growing your audience on other social media platforms.

Though it may at first seem counterintuitive, growing your audience on a social media platform other than YouTube first can actually help drive more traffic to your channel. You can link your channel in your account bio as well as under any viral posts you make.

You may even alter the format of your videos to create short clips for Facebook, IGTV, or TikTok. You might also use video stills to create memes or jokes for Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit. Be sure to share any similar content fans derive from your videos.

Two factors set YouTube apart from other social media platforms: monetization and long-form content. So, When you start to grow on other platforms, you can promote your channel as a place fans can get longer videos and more in-depth content. For example, Charli D’amelio is hugely popular on TikTok, and she used that following to launch a successful YouTube channel as well.

Try changing up old video titles, thumbnails, and descriptions.

If you pay attention to channels like Good Mythical Morning or The Try Guys, you might have noticed that their video titles and thumbnails occasionally change in your subscription feed. These changes happen when the creators experiment to see what attracts more viewers. They continue making minor changes until they’re happy with the results.

No matter how long ago you uploaded a video, its title, thumbnail, and description are not set in stone. You can and should experiment with editing these elements to see how they impact a video’s reach. You might start by examining your most popular videos and writing down a list of what they have in common at first glance. Then, try to replicate the factors that grabbed more viewers’ attention on your more recent uploads.

You might also find inspiration by examining the titles, thumbnails, and descriptions of videos uploaded by the most popular creators within your content niche or community. Examine how they use capitalization and punctuation in their titles as well as the length. Make note of the colors, expressions, and text they use on their thumbnails. Study their video descriptions for keywords you can use to boost your own videos’ SEO.

You might even be able to find videos that break down your favorite creators’ success. For example, this video examines how MrBeast grew his immensely popular channel.

If your view count is plateauing, you can jump start your channel’s growth by both thinking outside the box and studying the pros. Grow your audience on other platforms so you can redirect that traffic to your channel as well.

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