4 Ways To Grow Social Media Followers Consistently

Developing a steady number of followers is tricky, whether it be YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or any social media platform. These basic guidelines are worth remembering to ensure your amount of followers are consistently growing.

1. Take it seriously.

Your public profiles are your brand, so think of it as a job. It is important to determine your demographic of followers early on and be online every day tracking your growth. Invest in yourself by purchasing equipment, such as a new camera or lights, to increase the quality of your posts. Videos that look professionally made will attract more viewers.

2. Keep a schedule.

Create deadlines for posts. Tweet at least once every few hours, Instagram at least once day, and post a video on YouTube at least once a week. This will keep your followers engaged and will help attract new viewers.

3. Return the favor.

Social media relationships are more meaningful when they are reciprocated. If you want people to like your pictures, watch your videos, and share them with friends, you must acknowledge them. By following more people on Instagram and subscribing to more YouTube channels, you are opening the door for people to view your profiles. You can also make shoutout videos to let your audience know that you appreciate them.

4. Be creative.

It is necessary to change up the setting and format of your videos and pictures. Make sure the design of your channel is engaging and the content in your videos is interesting. A great way to get video ideas and keep your viewers happy is to ask viewers to leave comments in which they tell you what they’d like to see.

These simple guidelines are important to remember on a day-to-day basis. Building a steady following is extremely difficult but can be achieved with dedication.

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