5 DIY Projects Every YouTuber Should Make

Why buy something when you could make it yourself?

That’s the idea behind the mega-popularity of DIYs, which provide instruction on how to create anything from a no-sew throw pillow to a Starbucks-style frappucino. Best of all, most DIYs cost less to make than the original products sell for!

Here are five DIY projects that every YouTuber should make.

1. Ring Light

A high-quality video has good lighting. However, high dollar lighting fixtures can put a major dent in your budget. If the fixture will only be used for filming, then shelling out a lot of money to purchase one might not be the best investment.

For affordable video lighting, try making this DIY ring light instead!

2. Phone Tripod

No one likes a shaky camera. However, a tripod can be pricey, and that dollar store selfie stick just isn’t cutting it anymore. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a tripod without leaving home?

Follow this video to make a phone tripod out of household items.

3. Lapel Mic

Your voice may be strong, but your camera’s audio isn’t. Using an external microphone amps up your audio quality. It also gives you a better range of movement because you’re not stuck directly in front of the camera.

Turn up the volume with this DIY lapel mic.

4. Green Screen

What if you could film your videos in outer space? Or on a mountaintop? Or at the beach? With a green screen, your video backgrounds are only limited by your imagination.

Set one up for cheap with this DIY video.

5. Home Film Studio

One of the most important aspects of a YouTube video is where you film it. Since most YouTubers don’t film in a professional TV studio, having your own film studio at home is ideal.

Watch this photographer teach you how to set up your own home film studio.

YouTube is filled with DIY videos. Before making a major purchase, see how you could make it for yourself.

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