The 5 Qualities Of A Great YouTube Video

What separates a good YouTube video from a great one? The content creators who make the best videos are the ones that put in the most work. They know what it takes to make a video great, and now you can, too.

Here are the five qualities of a great YouTube video.

1. Helpful

Viewers go on YouTube because they need help in some way, shape or form. Maybe she wants to learn how to do winged eyeliner. Perhaps he needs a new song to play at his next gig. Whatever the topic of your video is, make sure that it’s beneficial to your viewers.

For example, Raw Alignment’s Alyse Brautigam shares testimonials and tips for viewers who are interested in a raw vegan or minimalist lifestyle.

2. Short

Let’s face it- no matter how interesting your topic may be, no viewer wants to watch you talk about it for half an hour. Keep videos short to keep viewers interested. If you want to go more in depth with a discussion, consider breaking up your video into multiple “episodes” on the same topic.

This gaming YouTuber filmed himself playing Minecraft: Story Mode and released the content in several different episodes.

3. High-Quality

There is nothing that separates the good from the great quite like one’s attention to quality. Creating a high-quality video can be as simple as making sure the camera doesn’t shake and speaking loudly enough to be heard well. However, you can step up your game with a good camera and an external microphone.

For example, beauty vlogger Karima McKimmie’s videos are always well-lit to ensure the highest quality possible.

4. Well-Edited

Save the bloopers for the very end. Don’t waste your precious time with pauses and filler words. Rather, cut out your stumbles and giggles to create a smooth, easy flow. Don’t be afraid to do more than one take. Edit together the best from each one, and your video will be perfect.

Keep your editing clean like Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies videos so that viewers will focus on your content rather than your mistakes.

5. Understandable

No one will watch your video if they can’t understand it well enough to follow along. Just like you learned in high school speech class, go slowly. Take your time with what you have to say and put forth your best speech patterns. This is especially important for tutorial videos.

Though makeup queen Michelle Crossan was born in Ireland and lives in Australia, she is always careful to make sure that everyone can understand what she’s saying.

Make your videos great by putting in the work necessary to ensure that they possess each of these five qualities. By doing so, you’ll set your channel apart as something special in the eyes of your viewers.

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