6 Ways Ellen Degeneres Successfully Markets Her Image

As one of the most widely-loved entertainers, Ellen Degeneres has perfected a positive self-image. When you talk for a living, it’s important to always say and do the right thing. Many content creators on YouTube can take away useful tips from Ellen’s success.

Here are six ways that Ellen markets her image to help her success grow.

1. Reach out to other talents.

Ellen always finds new talents to bring onto her show. This shows the world that she wants to share the spotlight that she’s established. Invite people with unique talents to be a part of your videos.

2. Take advantage of opportunities.

Ellen is responsible for posting the notorious Oscars selfie that broke the Internet. That selfie has benefited her career greatly. It shows that she is quick on her feet and isn’t afraid to act on a whim. Don’t be shy to confront people or ask for help. Every opportunity is worth taking.

3. Jump on every trend.

Along with the selfie craze, Ellen has actively participated in other online trends. As soon as something new is trending, post about it. By staying on top of the game, you will make your content accessible and relevant.

4. Create hype for any event.

Keep viewers excited with countdowns to certain events and expressing energy in everything you do. As a content creator, you have a duty to keep viewers entertained even if it means making a big deal out of something small.

5. Give away free stuff.

One of Ellen’s biggest events is her “12 Days of Giveaways.” She also constantly holds contests on her website while offering extravagant gifts to her guests. Use your platform to show fans that they are appreciated by creating contests or giving away some of your favorite things. This will also invite more viewers in.

6. Show you care about important things.  

Sometimes, it’s necessary to use your platform to address issues. Ellen will often say statements regarding certain tragedies or social issues. Although it’s not in her area of expertise, she has an obligation as a public figure to talk about the elephant in the room. Even if your channel focuses on a certain theme, address issues so your fans know that you care.

Ellen is one of the top celebrities in entertainment and has successfully maintained a positive self-image. People on YouTube and content creators can learn a lot from her success.

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