4 Easy Ways To Reach More Viewers

One of the greatest things about social media is that you can see your growth clearly and watch your numbers rise in real time. Your view counts and subscriber count constantly update to reflect the size of your audience. As a content creator, your main goal is to get those numbers as high as possible.

Here are four easy ways to reach more viewers.

1. Turn your video script into captions.

Many viewers prefer to watch YouTube videos with the captions turned on in order to help them focus or understand better. Therefore, adding captions to your videos can help you grow your audience exponentially.

If you already have a video script, then most of the work is done already. If you don’t have one, transcribe your video. Then, follow the tutorial below to upload your video captions.

2. Invite international viewers to contribute subtitles in their native languages.

YouTube is a global phenomenon with millions of viewers and creators from all around the world. So, every potential viewer may not speak the same language as you. This is where subtitles come in handy.

If you speak a second language, then you can translate your own videos and add subtitles the same way you uploaded captions. However, if you want to have your videos translated into even more languages, then you can enable community contributions. Your viewers will be able to submit translations of their own.

3. Stuff keywords into your video descriptions.

Search Engine Optimization helps your videos rise in the search rankings. Keywords are one of the most powerful SEO tools you can use, and the best place to stuff keywords is your video description.

While you can only include a few select keywords in your video title, each video description gives you plenty of space to include as many relevant search terms as you want. To utilize this space, write a brief paragraph about your channel that includes popular search terms related to your content niche. Then, include this channel bio at the bottom of every video description.

4. Include video sharing in your call-to-action.

Finally, one of the easiest ways to reach new viewers is through the audience you already have. The more they share your videos, the more potential new viewers you can reach.

In your call-to-action, don’t forget to remind viewers to share your videos. You can point out the share button along with the notification bell. You can even incentivize them by following back or shouting out viewers who share your videos on social media.

Reaching new viewers is easier when you make your videos more accessible for everyone. Enlist the help of your current viewers to write subtitles and share your videos far and wide.

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