4 Simple But Effective Ways To Brand Yourself As A Social Media Influencer

Branding your social media creates a consistent, easy-to-recognize look across all of your online platforms. It’s a great tool for marketing yourself as a social media influencer, similar to the way brands market themselves online.

You don’t need a huge budget or a cutting edge marketing team to brand your own social media effectively. With a few simple tactics, you can brand your online presence successfully.

1. Use the same color scheme in all your channel art and merchandise.

The first step to branding your social media presence is color. Keep your color scheme consistent in your logo, avatar, and header. The same colors should be used for your video intro, end screen, and thumbnails as well.

Take your color choice a step further by using it to design your merch as well. For example, the Try Guys brand their channel with four pastel colors, one to represent each member of the team. Their merch, which you can see in the video below, uses the same four colors in a design that represents the channel as a whole.

2. Create a simple channel logo.

Like any successful brand, your channel needs a logo. Keep the design as simple as possible. It could include your initials, your own face, or a character that serves as your channel’s mascot.

Then, use the logo in your header and as a watermark on your videos. You can also put it on the tags of any merch you sell or use it as a merch design.

Rosanna Pansino’s channel logo is a pink circle with her nickname inside. She uses it was a watermark in the corner of her videos as well a tag on her products, both of which you can see in this video.

3. Keep your voice consistent.

Like with color, your voice should be consistent across social media. So, the same tone, word choice, and speaking pattern should apply to both your videos and your posts. If you use a lot of slang in your videos but only tweet with perfect grammar, then it won’t seem like that content was created by the same person.

Write your social media posts in the same voice you use in your videos. Stay consistent with the rules you apply to grammar, punctuation, and capitalization as well.

British singer-songwriter Dodie is very soft-spoken in her videos. She also uses lowercase in all of her onscreen graphics. On Twitter and Instagram, all of her posts are consistent with her use of all lowercase letters as well. Together, her YouTube videos and social media posts create a uniform depiction of who she is.


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I am my own biggest fan (tour merch!! I said to josh earlier I love having new tour merch because it means I get new clothes lol)

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4. Choose a few key characteristics to embody.

To brand your social media, you should keep your personality consistent as well. Select a few main characteristics you want to be identified as. Then, base your content and your posts on those qualities.

For example, Lilly Singh is passionate about positivity. So, she uses her social media posts to share uplifting messages.

Branding your social media effectively boils down to remaining consistent. Decide what image you want to portray online and stick to it.

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