How This Channel Gained 2 Million Subscribers

YouTube has become a platform for many people to gather information about certain topics or issues. Channels now have been focusing exclusively on reporting news and info to people. Some channels explain certain issues in depth, such as Vice.

Vox is one such channel that reports in detail about current trends and various other topics. It has become popular in recent years, and below are the reasons why Vox has earned over two million subscribers.

1. Vox’s content is informative to viewers.

Vox reports on various contemporary issues, which may not be discussed frequently or in detail in most media. They will investigate certain topics and trends and see if there are things in the past that will need to be further clarified. Their style of reporting is based on providing information that is clear and detailed and to use sources and examples to provide support.

Below is an example of their content.

2. The animations and data sets in their videos provide their topics with support.

Vox utilizes animations, drawings, and even clips to address a certain topic they are reporting on. They will also provide data through charts and graphs in their videos to highlight how prevalent an issue is. This is a good way to educate viewers about specific topics.

Below is an example of their data and animation utilization in a video.

3. The narration is clear and concise.

The videos they upload would not be complete without the quality reporting and narrating they provide. This helps viewers understand the topic of the video by providing them with a clear and thorough explanation. The way they report their information can be standard commentating or through investigative journalism.

Below is an example of this.

Above are the reasons why Vox has earned over two million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Their content is interesting and informative to viewers, and the data and animations they provide add details to their topic reporting. Their narration and commentary help clear any misunderstandings viewers may have.

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