3 Tips For Better Home Recordings

When money is tight, renting a studio and hiring a producer might not be realistic. Therefore, most DIY musicians find home recording to be the best option. The following tips should help any musician improve their home studio quality.

Use Cheap Alternatives

There are many household items that can interfere with your recordings. It would ruin a song if you could hear the distant rattling caused by the vibration of your instrument. Or a constant echo that is clearly unintentional. Using floating floors can help reduce the amount of travelling vibrations. It is also a cheaper alternative to a decked out studio.

It’s also important to keep the sound of your instruments from bouncing off the walls. A highly effective and inexpensive alternative to studio walls are – surprisingly – egg cartons. They absorb a great deal of sound, and can literally be taped to the walls. You might need to be creative in your solutions, but where there’s a will there is a way.

Strengthen Your Music First

It can be frustrating to achieve the sound you want if you have a limited knowledge of audio engineering. Of course, it’s crucial that your music sounds professional – but be aware of your limitations and adapt to them. Focus on improving the music itself, rather than the way it sounds.

Also, become familiarized with how recording equipment works. Many products carry expensive price tags because they have fancy, useless features. Learn about the gear you are going to need and spend your money on what’s truly important to you.

Be Patient

With a solid foundation, you can finally smooth out the other details. Remember – take your time! Rushing to finish music only makes it sound sloppy. Don’t be lazy! It won’t look professional if the quality of your vocals is amazing – but can’t be heard over a static instrumental. Check to make sure all aspects of your recordings are up to par. When you know exactly what’s needed to sound complete, focus your attention on getting there.

Creating a high quality recording from home takes a great amount of skill and hard work. Just because you don’t have a fancy studio, doesn’t mean your music should sound subpar. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your home recordings.

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Bernardo Ruiz is an amateur photographer, curious traveler and passionate drummer who loves live music. He spends most of his time just trying to enjoy life.

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