5 Merch Designs Your Audience Will Love

Viewers love to represent their favorite creators by sporting branded merch. From t-shirts and hats to backpacks and pins, you can create all kinds of merch with the same simple design.

Here are five merch designs your audience will love.

1. Keep it classic with your channel logo.

YouTuber merch is meant to represent a certain channel. Like a sports team jersey, having a recognizable logo on your merch is a great way to increase brand awareness. The more people see your channel name being worn around the world, the more likely they’ll be to check it out.

Miranda Sings is all about her comically big, red lips. It was only fitting that her new merch bears her most widely recognized feature.

2. Incorporate your face in a unique way.

If your logo doesn’t include your face, you can still put yourself on a t-shirt. When musicians tour, they often sell shirts and posters bearing their images. In order to make your designs stand out, think of a unique way to incorporate your face into your designs.

Vlogger Ally Hardesty sells t-shirts, hoodies, and other products with her eyes on them. While it looks like a cool design to everyone else, her subscribers can instantly recognize her features.

3. Get your pets in on the action.

If there’s one thing viewers love more than their favorite creators, it’s their pets. From Lilly Singh’s new puppy to Jenna Marbles’s three dogs, there are YouTube pets who are almost as famous as their vlogger owners. By incorporating your pets into your merch, you’ll give your viewers even more reasons to want it.

Jacksfilms often features his dog Klondike in his videos. So, his latest line of merch is centered around the fluffy pup.

4. Relate it to something you love.

You and your viewers have a lot in common. Odds are that if you love something, then they like it, too. You can use your common interests to design merch that celebrates the things your audience loves.

A quintessential part of Dan and Phil’s branding is their love of anime. With many videos sponsored by the anime streaming service Crunchyroll, the boys have shared this passion with their audience. After travelling to Japan, Dan and Phil designed merch to celebrate their adventures.

5. Be creative and design something entirely new.

When you’re creating your own merch, you may find inspiration in unexpected places, especially if you already have a passion for fashion. Take this opportunity to be creative and design your own clothing line. Let your imagination run wild.

Connor Franta created his own fashion line called Common Culture. It’s sold in Urban Outfitters.

The great thing about YouTuber merch is that you can change up the designs anytime you want. Start with one of these ideas and see where your creativity takes you.

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