3 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel Offline

Most YouTube video promotion is done online. However, there are plenty of ways to reach potential viewers in the real world, too. By doing video work outside of YouTube, you’ll be able to promote your channel to a whole new audience.

Here are three ways to promote your YouTube channel offline.

1. Create short films to enter in film festivals.

Bigtime creators such as Shane Dawson and Casey Neistat consider themselves filmmakers as well as vloggers. If you know how to make a YouTube video, then you’re already equipped with the skills and equipment to make your own short films.

Round up a few of your vlogger friends and create a short film together. It can be fictional, a documentary, or even experimental. Then, enter your film in several film festivals. Be sure your channel name is in the credits.

2. Work as a freelance videographer.

People often hire videographers for weddings and other important events. By working as a freelance videographer, you can gain video experience on your own schedule.

You’ll also open up networking opportunities. Include your channel name on your business card and website.

3. Sponsor community teams or events.

If you have some money saved for video marketing, then consider investing it back into your community. Local businesses often sponsor recreational sports teams or community events. By becoming a sponsor, you’ll likely get your channel’s logo on a banner for the entire community to see.

Author and vlogger John Green sponsors a football league in England.

Promoting your channel offline helps you reach a whole new audience. Try one of these strategies to get your channel name out there in the real world.

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