4 YouTube Channel Features Musicians Should Focus On

YouTube is full of up-and-coming artists. You might be wondering, how do I stand out above the rest? Here are a few critical aspects of your YouTube channel to focus on improving, in order to get the most out of your music marketing.


Have you ever stumbled upon the perfect music video, after a long time scrolling through YouTube? Before you know it, you have been listening to a playlist for half an hour, bobbing your head along to each beat. This alone proves that playlists are great marketing techniques and something that artists should utilize. First find a good music video, click “Add” at the bottom, and decide which playlist it will go in. Add your own music to a mix of mainstream artists that sound similar. Their fans will be more likely to find you and like you. And if people like the playlist you’ve made, chances are, they will check out your channel and subscribe.


Signed artists all want to get on the radio and have their songs played multiple times per hour. But fans, despite how great the song is, get bored of hearing the same version of these songs over and over. So, do a cover of one and make it your own. Nothing is better than hearing something old with a fresh take on it. Jasmine Thompson gained YouTube fame by doing covers of songs for years. She covered Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” and got 13 million views. The Vamps, a British boy band, recently covered Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry.” The rock group made it their own and got 2 million views in two months.


Now, you have created a playlist that has your fans hooked and you have given the people a spin on an old song. Where to next? Tell them to subscribe if they want to know what you are up to. The more subscriptions, the more people reached with each video uploaded. Views can only benefit you, so don’t be afraid to do a little self-promotion! At the end of each video, directly say something along the lines of “Thank you for your support! To keep watching, please click subscribe down below!”


Banners are the images that go across YouTube pages. Oftentimes, they feature the cover art of a latest album, tour dates, or perhaps just a captivating picture of the musician. Maybe your music carries a certain underlying theme that you would like the banner to convey. Maybe there’s a statement you’d like to express visually. No matter what, the banner is a good way to make your page and music stand out from the rest. It is similar to a cover photo on your Facebook page — it says something about you, so make it count!

Work on these four key features, and you will have some tools to market yourself on YouTube a little better!

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