3 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Music Videos

Interested in how to impress fans and hit massive publicity on YouTube? Read on for some of our tips!

Be Dynamic with the Content You Post

How about posting behind-the-scenes videos or videos of you/your band rehearsing? An interactive timeline of your current work can also be an attention and subscriber grabber. Avoid blowing up your audience’s timelines with promo videos and start uploading more specific, intimate videos. People love getting a closer look at things, whether it’s the personal life of the musician or the music production itself.

Be an Educator

There’s no doubt that the most interesting videos you’ve probably bumped into have been education-based. They’ve taught you something of value. Think about the kind of useful information you can provide for your audience. Maybe you learned a life lesson just recently before deciding to release your first or second album. For example, if as a drummer you have a few good tips on how to perform your best on stage, make a video on that!

Be Reliable

Nobody wants to subscribe to a YouTube channel that seems to upload videos only every 10 months. A good history of consistency will not only attract subscribers but be the element of reliability that will definitely keep them! If uploading a video every week is too much, try every two weeks or even three. Just make sure that you set down a consistent pattern of uploading. After all, you want to give your subscribers something to subscribe to.

Remember to be as flexible as you can with your video content, educate your viewers along the way, and above all, show reliability.This will help brush up the content of your video!

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Michelle Aguilar has a strong passion and love for music – and its history. She enjoys reading literary books, dancing, trip-hop/indie venues, working on her blog, and digging up new music. 

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