4 Ways To Turn Viewers Into Subscribers

So, you’ve figured out what kind of videos you want to make, and you’re posting content consistently. Now how can you make sure that you convert your viewers into subscribers?

Make sure you’re taking advantage of these strategies.

1. Include a call to action.

You definitely should include a call to action in each one of your videos. Let viewers know that in order to make sure they don’t miss out on more videos like the one they just watched, they should follow you.

Add annotations and buttons onscreen to make it easy for them to get the message and follow through.

2. Set a subscriber goal.

Create a reasonable goal for a certain number of subscribers that you want to reach. Let your audience know that you want to get there.

If they already subscribe to your channel, they’ll tell their friends to follow you as well. If they don’t follow already, there’s a good chance they’ll want to help you out, especially if they’ve enjoyed your video.

3. Offer something to your viewers.

Let your audience know that you will deliver something special if they help you reach your subscriber goal. Maybe you will cover a special topic that many people have been asking for, maybe you will get a funny haircut, or maybe you will shout out a certain number of subscribers.

If you create a reason for them to follow, they are more likely to do so.

4. Get featured on other channels.

Find other Youtubers who make similar content to yours and offer to feature them on your channel. In exchange, they will likely choose to feature you as well, and both of you can benefit from the added publicity in front of an audience that already enjoys your kind of content.

With these four strategies, you’re sure to see your subscriber count increase.

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Matt Cummings grew up in the Bay Area and now attends UCLA. He enjoys sports, music and comedy.