How to Get Sponsors by Finding Your Niche Market

Sponsorships are one of the best goals for anyone who has a YouTube channel. Once you get a sponsor, your business persona will come to life. Sponsors want to find YouTubers who do not make generic videos. Rather, they want to find people who make specific videos for certain markets.

This can be easy if you determine a niche market, which is a specific subset of a larger market. Examples of niche markets are weight-loss for men over fifty, training your golden retriever to be a service dog, make up tips for women with acne, etc.

By finding a niche market that suits your channel, you will be more likely to get company sponsorships.

1. Know who you want to work with.

Explore companies that make products related to your channel. For example, if you want to make fitness videos, research different athletic companies and what they specialize in.

Having a deeper knowledge of the companies in your target market will help you specify which one you want to work with. Make a list of companies that could benefit from your videos.

2. Determine what viewers want.

It’s important to consider every factor when researching sponsors. Determine who your target audience is, and then figure out what they want to see in your videos.

Reach out to viewers and directly ask them what they want to gain from your channel. Find specific things that viewers want to see. This becomes your niche market.

3. Gather data.

Make a spreadsheet of the number of times you post per week, the number of views per video, the number of subscribers per week, etc. Notice how the numbers change from video to video and record the changes.

These progressions are important for companies to see that your channel has a consistent growth curve. It will help to verify that you will be a productive person to sponsor and that you have effectively established a niche market.

4. Create a proposal.

Lastly, combine your findings into a proposal. Go through the list of companies you created and find their contact information online. For each company, create a different proposal. Be specific in how you can benefit their brand and incorporate the data you collected to prove your abilities.

If you don’t get responses, it’s okay. Be consistent and keep following up with the companies.

Finding your niche market is the key to creating a channel that companies want to sponsor. By creating content that is directed towards a certain audience, you’ll find getting attention from large corporations to be easier.

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