4 Ways To Get New Video Ideas

Every great video starts with a great idea. However, coming up with all those ideas can seem daunting. You may not even know where to start, but there are all kinds of ways to come up with all the video ideas you need.

Here are four ways to get new video ideas.

1. Keep an idea journal.

When it comes to brainstorming, start with the basics. Keep a small notebook with you in your bag or your pocket. You can even download a journal app on your phone instead. At night, leave the journal by your bedside in case you dream up any video ideas.

Then, whenever inspiration strikes, jot your ideas down. Make note of stories you want to share, products you want to review, or anything else you can think of before you forget them.

2. Check the comments.

Videos ideas can strike viewers the same way they strike creators. When a viewer is watching your video, he or she may be inspired and share a suggestion for the next video you should make. Read through your comments and screenshot the ideas you like. Be sure to credit the viewer who shared the idea when you film it.

This DanAndPhilGAMES video was inspired by a viewer’s interesting comment.

3. See what’s trending.

Video trends can come out of nowhere, but once an idea gets popular, almost every creator jumps on the bandwagon. Rather than writing these viral videos off, try putting your own spin on the latest video trend.

When the one hundred layers challenge went viral, lots of vloggers got super creative with it.

4. Emulate your favorite creators.

No matter how big your own channel gets, you’ll probably still look up to the creators who inspired you to start making YouTube videos. If someone whose content you enjoy makes a video you want to try for yourself, you can make your own version of it. Just be sure to give that person credit for the original idea.

AmazingPhil has inspired several major video trends, including the Seven Second Challenge and opening eBay mystery boxes.

Video ideas are all around you. Carry an idea journal and check out trending videos to help generate a few great ideas of your own.

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