How To Catch Viewers’ Attention With Your Video Opening

For a view to count towards a video’s total number of views, a viewer must watch the video for at least thirty seconds. Though getting your audience to stay tuned until the end is important, you’ll need to grab their attention early on to hold their interest. Make those first thirty seconds count.

Here are a few ways to catch viewers’ attention with your video opening.

1. Get things started with a skit.

YouTube was practically built on sketch comedy, with channels such as Smosh and Shane Dawson TV leading the way. However, you don’t have to brand yourself as a comedian to incorporate sketch comedy into your videos. Try opening your next video with a skit. Be as creative and out there as you want to be. Think of a pun to build your skit around or a single joke you want to focus on.

The creator behind Simply Nailogical often opens up her videos with a silly skit or made-up song.

2. Tease the ending with a quick clip.

Cliffhangers keep viewers reading the next book in a series or watching the next episode of a soap opera. Start your viewers on edge to give them a reason to keep watching until the end. Open your videos with a clip from the climax or the ending of the video, but don’t give all your secrets away.

Joey Graceffa likes to start each video with a clip that’s silly or shocking.

3. Jump right in with your call-to-action.

Finally, you can keep viewers watching past the thirty-second mark with a long intro. Put your call-to-action in the beginning of your video rather than at the end. Remind them to subscribe, like, and comment before getting into the video.

Wengie updates her viewers on giveaways and upcoming events before jumping into her videos.

A long video opening can keep viewers watching past the thirty-second mark, and it can also intrigue them enough to keep watching until the very end.

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