How To Increase Viewer Engagement Using Instagram

Involving your viewers in your video making process is a great way to boost your views. When your audience has a hand in making the video, they’ll be more likely to watch it, and those who get featured will likely share the video as well.

Social media makes it easily to get your viewers involved with your content. Here are a few ways to increase viewer engagement using Instagram.

1. Let your followers make choices for you through Instagram polls.

“I Let My Instagram Followers Control My Life” is one of the latest video trends to sweep YouTube. Using the polls feature on their Instagram stories, vloggers have been letting fans make all their decisions over a twenty-four hour period for them.

Content creators came up with plenty of interesting choices for their followers to make.

2. Recreate your viewers’ posts.

Another recent video trend is recreating viewers’ Instagram posts, whether it be their makeup or their fan art. Content creators search through their tagged posts or through their followers’ accounts to find posts to recreate. Then, they try to copy the posts as best they can.

This vlogger had a great time recreating her subscribers’ nail art.

3. Invite them to DM you.

Instagram DMs are another great way to connect with your fans. You can take questions for a Q-and-A or choose followers to shout out in your next video. Think outside the box when asking your viewers to message you for a video.

Vlogger Ally Hardesty had fans DM her as part of a giveaway entry.

Instagram is one of the best places to connect with your audience. Increase your viewer engagement by connecting with your fans on Instagram.

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