4 Ways For Small Creators To Reach A Big Audience

The beauty of the internet is that everyone, whether they have ten followers or ten million, has the opportunity to reach a massive audience. When you make a public post, whether it’s a YouTube video or a social media status update, virtually anyone with internet access can see it.

No matter how many subscribers you have, your channel has the potential to reach millions of viewers. Here are four ways small creators can reach a big audience.

1. Collab, collab, collab!

Whenever you collab with another YouTuber, a ton of people who might not have heard of you before get to see your face. New fans may either find you from a video on your friend’s channel, or they may watch your video for your collab partner and decide to subscribe to you.

In order to bring new viewers to your channel, collaborate with as many different creators as you can. Whenever you do a collab, film a video for every channel involved. Try to upload them on the same day.

Go outside of your niche to find unique and interesting people to collab with. Find them by exploring content outside your subscription box. When you find a channel you love, contact them via their business email or social media. You can also find potential collab partners by asking your fans to tag creators they’d love to see you work with.

2. Participate in trending Twitter hashtags.

Many creators are active on Twitter, which is one of the easiest places to go viral. Whether it’s an original thought or a witty reply, plenty of viral tweets make the rounds every week from accounts with a wide range of followings.

Lots of Twitter users connect through trending hashtags. You can get your account in front of a lot of new eyes by participating in these trends. You may also reply to viral tweets that pose a question and interact with other replies.

To ensure your Twitter activity drives people to your channel, link your channel in your profile. You should also have a little information about your content in your bio.

3. Create content outside of your YouTube channel.

Being an online content creator doesn’t just mean being a YouTuber anymore. Many creators grow their audiences through platforms outside of YouTube, but they also use those outside projects to draw attention to their channels.

Many creators have written books or created short films. Others create their own companies to sell makeup, clothing, or craft supplies. Live shows or meet-ups can also help get your online brand into the real world.

If you’d rather keep your content creation digital, a podcast is a good place to start. You could also create short form video content for TikTok or Instagram.

4. Reach for opportunities to be on reality TV.

Every year, thousands of people go on reality TV to compete for money, love, or viral fame. YouTubers are no exception. Joey Graceffa was on The Amazing Race. Trisha Paytas competed on Celebrity Big Brother.

Reality stars often use their time on television to grow their online followings and become influencers. Think of how often contestants from The Bachelor and Love Island make sponsored posts.

Therefore, going on reality TV is a good way for a creator of any size to reach a massive audience. You may start by being in the audience of a late night show or attending an audition for a talent competition. Do your research and find shows you’d be well-suited for.

In order to reach a big audience, you’re going to have to think bigger. Create content outside of YouTube and pursue opportunities to get your name in front of more people who haven’t heard of you before.

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