How Karina Garcia Became YouTube’s Crafting Queen

With just over nine million subscribers, Karina Garcia is one of the biggest DIY creators on YouTube. Her name is synonymous with the slime trend that’s completely overtaken YouTube in the past few years.

Here’s how Karina Garcia became YouTube’s crafting queen.

She began making DIY videos.

Karina was inspired to start her own channel after her sister found success with a beauty channel. However, rather than makeup tutorials, Karina decided to make DIY content.

After experimenting with challenges and storytimes, Karina settled into a routine of cute, functional DIYs with bright, colorful thumbnails. She created a lot of Pinterest and Tumblr-inspired crafts.

She found something that made her successful and stuck with it.

In an interview with Forbes, Karina said that her very first slime video was originally meant to be just another fun DIY. She didn’t intend for it to start a content revolution, but almost five years later, she’s still uploading slime-related content for millions of viewers.

Karina’s first slime video wasn’t even labelled as a slime video. She told CNBC that this “flubber soap” DIY was the video that started it all. Her video was inspired by a simple slime recipe she found on Pinterest.

She built a brand around it.

Karina isn’t known as YouTube’s “Slime Queen” for nothing. Not only does she continuously upload fun slime tutorials and challenges, but she also created a brand to sell slime kits of her own.

Craft City has products online as well as in major department stores. Karina continues to build her brand by releasing new products and promoting them on her channel.

She constantly innovates with out-of-the-box video ideas.

Unlike a lot of creators who strike a viral idea and continue to rehash it over and over again, Karina constantly innovates with original video ideas. She often branches out into ASMR, life hack testing, and crazy challenge videos.

Even Karina’s slime videos are out-of-the-box. For example, she vlogged herself finding all of the slime she had around her house. In a follow-up video, she showed viewers how she properly disposed of hundreds of slimes.

Her channel remains her top priority.

Despite her growing company, AwesomenessTV show, and other projects, Karina’s channel remains her top priority. She puts her all into every video, and their quality has only gone up as her audience has grown.

Karina makes her channel a part of everything she does. Her videos often feature different members of her large family, including her YouTuber sister. She even shared her wedding video with her subscribers.

Karina Garcia cemented her place as a top creator by finding something that made her successful and building a brand around it. She continues to prioritize the content that launched her career in the first place.

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