How To Network At Creator Conventions

From VidCon and Playlist Live to Buffer Festival and Social in the City, creator conventions have become an important way for those with burgeoning careers to connect with new friends and mentors. These events are all about making real-life connections to help you in the online world.

Here are a few networking tips for the next convention you attend.

Purchase a ticket for the track geared towards creators or industry professionals.

Many conventions have separate tracks. First is the community track, which is geared towards fans of the featured creators. While attending the event as a community member is fun, it’s not a good way to connect with other creators professionally.

Instead, you should purchase a ticket for the creator or industry track. These tracks often offer workshops and exclusive networking events. Some events offer several options, so be sure to read the descriptions on the official website before making your final purchase.

Check the event website for dedicated networking events.

Sometimes, creator conventions have dedicated networking events exclusively for convention attendees. For example, VidCon invites industry track attendees to set up meetings in the Networking Lounge through the Brella Networking app. Check the event’s website for specific details.

You might also find networking events hosted by sponsors outside of the official event. Ask your manager, agent, or creator friends if they know of any local networking events happening in the convention area.

Connect with presenters through LinkedIn or email to set up meetings.

LinkedIn is a powerful online networking tool for people in any industry. Use it to connect with presenters, featured creators, or other attendees before the convention. You can often find a list of presenters and featured creators on the event’s website.

After they accept your connection request, send them a message asking to set up a brief meeting. Choose a location close to the event. Coffee shops and cafes are always a safe bet. Come prepared with questions.

Ask your creator friends to introduce you to their teams and business contacts.

Whenever you attend a creator convention, you’ll likely meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. As the saying goes, it’s all about who you know. Ask them to introduce you to their team members, such as editors, producers, or agents.

You can also ask your creator friends to introduce you to any business contacts they have who are attending the event, such as sponsors or merch designers. Exchange contact information with these new connections, and follow up with them after the event.

Networking is all about making connections. Get yourself on the right path by attending creator conventions on the professional track and reaching out to presenters directly.

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