How This YouTuber Gets Thousands Of Views On Daily Videos

Lisa Schwartz, better known as Lisbug to her fans, has more than two million subscribers on YouTube. She puts out a new video every single day Monday through Friday, each of which gets thousands of views.

Here’s how Lisbug gets thousands of views on daily videos.

1. Each day is dedicated to a different video series.

Different viewers come to Lisa’s channel for different things. For example, on Tuesday, crime story fans tune in for “Twisted Tuesdays,” a video series in which Lisa shares the chilling details of a true crime story. On Fridays, however, she researches the disgusting truth behind something.

2. She never misses a day.

In the few years that Lisa has been making daily videos, she hasn’t missed an upload. She’s able to keep up her strict schedule by keeping her videos short and simple to edit. Rather than five twenty-minute videos a week, she sticks to videos that are around five to eight minutes in length. This way, viewers don’t get overwhelmed with too many long videos, either.

3. She makes videos based on viewer requests.

Most of Lisa’s video ideas come from her viewers themselves. She encourages them to send her their ideas on Twitter, and she screenshots her favorites to credit the idea when she turns it into a video. Many of her subscribers keep watching to see when their ideas will be chosen.

Lisbug gets thousands of views on her daily videos because she sticks to a strict yet simple schedule. Follow these tips to successfully implement daily uploads onto your own channel.

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