4 Video Background Set-Up Ideas

As your channel grows in popularity, your viewers will begin to have higher expectations of your video quality. There are many seemingly small details that can completely change the atmosphere of your videos, and one of these aspects is the background you film in front of.

Most YouTubers either use green screens to achieve a better aesthetic, or they use an aesthetically-pleasing location to film. Here are a few examples.

1. A plain color

If your budget allows, you can either invest in a green screen or actual plain-colored backing (you can tape up a curtain or prop up a board of some sort for this). The great thing about using a plain color as your background is that viewers will only focus on you. Nothing behind you or around you will distract them.

Plain colors also keep the appearance of your video neat, clean-cut, organized, and professional. Some good colors to film in front of are pastels or neutral colors, though bright colors can work sometimes, depending on your content.

As you can see in the following example, plain colors ensure that the viewer focuses only on the people in front of the backdrop.

2. A geometric design

As with the previous example, you can either use a green screen to find a geometric design or buy a physical background board. This background is pretty similar to a plain color because you shouldn’t use gaudy designs that will distract the viewer. Choose subtle shapes with subtle shadows that will add some life to your background without overpowering you as the focal point.

One reason this one might be a bit more appealing than a plain color is that geometric designs will seem more real and life-like, rather than flat and one-dimensional like a plain color.

This is the perfect example of a subtle geometric background that doesn’t distract the viewer (the background is actually a physical board, not a green screen).

3. Your room

Many YouTubers film videos in their bedrooms, the camera focusing on themselves and slightly blurring out the situation behind them. This creates a beautiful, ethereal effect, especially for those with fairy lights and candles set up behind them.

Plenty of beauty gurus and vloggers set up their bedroom for filming, such as adding decorative pillows to their beds, stringing up lights, and having unique mementos carefully positioned behind them.

Filming in your room is great because it gives off a warmer, more personal vibe, and viewers will definitely love the casual yet put-together set-up. It may even unintentionally offer them some room inspiration and invite more comments about your room (such as a room tour video request).

The fairy lights in the back together with the autumn-toned bedding (all out of focus) create a great, warm setting.

4. Nature.

Nature always gives off a bright, calm atmosphere. Filming outdoors automatically gives your video a very serene and calm feeling.

The natural lighting from the sun may also create a fresher appearance, and you can even use the natural sound such as the wind blowing the leaves or the birds chirping to add to your videos. Many YouTubers film Q&A’s and other casual vlogs in nature because of the peaceful and fresh atmosphere.

The subtle wind and bird sounds in the video help make everything more casual and chill.

Although your video background is not the first thing to be worrying about when starting a channel, it is definitely a considerable aspect once your channel starts to grow. Regarding the quality of videos, everything counts, especially the background. The above four examples are a great list for you to go through and try out.

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