How To Optimize Your End Screen To Get More Views

One of the best ways to get YouTube’s algorithm to promote your channel to new viewers is to keep current viewers watching more of your videos. Your end screen can make or break that effort.

With only twenty seconds, how do you successfully convince a viewer to click another video? It all comes down to keeping them watching until the last second.

Keep talking through your end screen.

If you want viewers to actually look at your end screen, then you should make it more than a still image and some background music. A static end screen will have viewers clicking out pretty quickly.

Instead, incorporate your end screen into the video. Keep talking as the end screen goes up.

First, wrap up your video in about ten seconds. Give your final thoughts or your concluding statement quickly.

Then, give a verbal call-to-action. Tell your viewers what they should click on next. Let them know about every option the end screen offers them.

On DanAndPhilGAMES, the guys use their end screen time to direct viewers towards both their previous video and their personal channels.

Only include relevant links.

Your end screen is not the place for every single link you’re trying to promote. Leave most of those for your video description. Instead, pick two or three that are relevant to your current video.

For example, your previous video is always relevant. However, you may also link a video similar to your new one. If you have a playlist of similar videos, consider including that link as well.

If you recently released something like merch, music, or tour tickets, include the link in your end screen. If the link is outdated, you may consider using that spot for something that’s of more value to your viewer.

Alternatively, tease your next video.

If you’d rather promote upcoming videos than previous ones, you can still make use of your end screen. Include a teaser for your next video instead of a twenty-second call-to-action.

This strategy requires you to pre-film your next video. You can use the footage you already have to edit a short teaser trailer. Then put your links at the end.

Shane Dawson uses teaser trailers to promote the next video in a series, like he did with his popular two-part conspiracy theories documentary.

Your end screen can help you promote both previous videos and upcoming ones. Include relevant links and keep talking to keep viewers watching.

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