4 Tips For a Successful Musical Audition

There are many things to pay attention to when you prepare for an audition. The following four tips will help you nail your musical auditions.

1. Practice.

As with everything you commit to, practice makes perfect. Keep running those vocals, keep pushing yourself, and keep trying to do better than the previous attempt. Close your eyes when you sing and get into the flow of the music every single time.

Once you’ve drilled the song into your head, singing it will be like second nature. The muscle memory of all those hours and days and weeks of practice will kick in, and you’ll find that even as you stand nervously before a crowd of judges, your voice will know exactly what to do because it’s been vigorously trained for this moment.

2. Be confident, but not too confident.

Judges and scouts like to see musicians who believe in themselves and their talent. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect someone else to? Remind yourself that you’re standing there auditioning because you know you can do it. Show the judges that you think you’ve got what it takes, both in passion and in skill. Convince them that you’re a strong musician.

Don’t shy away or choke up in the audition room. Speak firmly and boldly, and be confident in yourself. However, be careful not to overstep the boundary and come off as too confident and cocky. You’re not trying to sell yourself with boastful words; you’re trying to sell yourself with a bold, passionate performance.

In this example, notice how Jay James speaks very casually and gently with the judges. He doesn’t sound diffident and speaks clearly, and he doesn’t boast at all about his singing skills.

3. Think only of your music when you perform.

The moment you step in front of those judges and scouts, your mind will naturally begin to fill with doubtful thoughts. The nerves will kick in, and you’ll only think of yourself messing up or the harsh criticism of the judges. Never do this! If you let this happen, you’ll soon forget the lyrics of the song, your voice will start to shake, and the confidence will melt away. So, as you enter that audition room, remember that you’re here because of music.

As you perform, remind yourself that music is your life, and especially in this moment, music is all that matters to you; auditioning is only a means of furthering that music career.

As she sang, Bella Ferraro seemed to be entirely immersed in the song, and she didn’t even appear nervous at all.

4. Personality is just as important outside of the music.

You must also remember that as a musician, you are also an entertainer. The music is important, but so is the musician. Many judges take this into huge consideration because they think of stage presence and overall likeability as well as the music.

When you converse with the judges, or even as you sing, try to show your great personality. Don’t give soft one-word answers; speak clearly and happily. If the judges like your personality, that will likely affect how they receive your music, too.

Jack Walton strode into the audition room calmly, and he conversed very naturally and smoothly with the judges before singing. He had an overall likeable personality, and he definitely made the judges smile both with and without his music.

Taking all of the above in mind, just be your best self in the audition room and through your performance, convince the judges that you’ve got what it takes to be in the industry. Good luck!

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Angelina Hue enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, from instrumental movie scores to alternative indie to Korean pop music. She also likes to make short films and write fiction.

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