The 5 Things You Shoud Be Doing When Creating Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a major source of income for many YouTube creators. To make sure you’re creating the best sponsored content possible, there are a few things you should be doing.

Here are the five things you should be doing when creating sponsored content.

1. Think outside the box when it comes to brand placement.

A sponsored video that feels like a commercial will bore your viewers, but one that doesn’t showcase the brand enough will upset your sponsor. To find a happy medium, you’re going to have to think outside the box.

When singer Dodie created a sponsored video for a candy company, she incorporated her favorite sweets into a cover of “Lollipop.”

2. Disclose your sponsorships.

In order to meet legal requirements, you have to make sure that your viewers know the video they’re watching is sponsored. Carefully disclose your sponsorships in the title, thumbnail, and description box. You should also clearly explain the sponsorship in the opening of your video.

When Hazel Hayes created a sponsored video with AirWick, she discussed the sponsorship before jumping into the main content of her video.

3. Stay true to the style of content your subscribers signed up for.

If your viewers feel like a sponsored video isn’t in line with your typical content, they’ll be a whole lot less likely to watch it. To keep getting views on sponsored videos, think about how to incorporate the brand into the kind of video you usually upload.

British vlogger Phil Lester shares a lot of embarrassing childhood stories. So, when he partnered with Tinder, Phil’s viewers loved taking a peek into his cringey dating emails.

4. Don’t allow a company to take away your creative control.

When working with a sponsor, it’s important to set boundaries of your own. If the company expects edits or other changes to your content that you’re not comfortable with, it’s always okay to walk away. The right sponsor will value and respect your work.

When a certain sponsorship didn’t work out for Carrie Dayton, she still managed to get a video out of the ordeal.

5. Follow up with your sponsors to open up further opportunities.

What’s more important than getting sponsors is keeping sponsors. If you want to work with a company again, keep in contact with the employees you worked most closely with. Occasionally ask them about further opportunities the company may have for you.

Check out this video for more information on keeping sponsors.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re creating sponsored content. Make sure to do these five things in order to create the best sponsored content possible.

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