3 Things That Define Young Tmo’s “Road Runnin” Video

Young Tmo is an up-and-coming rapper from Houston, Texas. The music video for his debut track “Road Runnin” dropped in September. From start to finish, this video is a testament to who Young Tmo is as a musician.

Here are the three things that define Young Tmo’s “Road Runnin” video.

1. It makes use of interesting effects.

Unlike many music videos shot today, “Road Runnin” doesn’t keep the camera still. Rather, the scene opens with the camera following a beautiful woman into a hotel room until it pans to Young TMO. The video also makes use of effects that change the way the shot looks overall, making the scene blurry or bold.

Check out “Road Runnin” below.

2. It features beautiful props and locations.

Like any chart-topping rapper, Young Tmo’s video wouldn’t be complete without showing off the finer things. “Road Runner” showcases a beautiful white sports car driving through palm-lined city streets.

If this is Young Tmo’s life, then every viewer is going to want to be a part of his adventures.

I know my brudda gone ride ⛽️????????

A photo posted by YoungTmo (@filthyboytmo) on

3. It has a cinematic feel.

When you watch “Road Runnin,” it almost feels as if you’re about to be captivated by a great movie. The camera pans pull you in while the bumping beats keep your heart pounding.

Any screenshot from “Road Runnin” could be used as a movie poster.

Young Tmo started down the right path with “Road Runnin.” With a video like this, this rapper is ready for the big leagues.

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