How The Chainsmokers Gained 8 Million+ Subscribers

YouTube has become the platform of choice for most music artists because it can reach a wider audience than radio generally does. Many musicians have become popular from producing and uploading their music to YouTube, even mainstream artists utilize it. One such musical group is the Chainsmokers. This duo’s music has been featured in various media, and their songs are heard widely on the radio and on television.

These are the reasons why the Chainsmokers have gained over eight million subscribers on YouTube.

1. The Chainsmokers’ style of pop music is entertaining to many listeners.

The Chainsmokers have become a prominent musical duo as they’ve transitioned to a more mainstream setting. They specialize in their own kind of pop music, which combines elements of EDM and even hip hop. Their rhythm is catchy and positive.

Below is an example their style of music through one of their most popular songs.

2. Their lyric videos give meaning to their songs.

The Chainsmokers’ creativity is prevalent in their lyric videos. Depending on the tone of the song, their music video will reflect the mood. Each music video has a different feel to it. which shows The Chainsmokers’ ability to utilize their artistic abilities.

Below is an example of one of their music videos.

3. They collaborate with other artists in order to reach a wider audience.

Their music has become popular over the years, and they’ve got the attention of many prominent artists. The collabs they have been doing in recent years have ranged from unknown vocal artists to established musicians.

Below is an example of the collab they did with a well-known musical group.

These are the reasons why The Chainsmokers have become popular on YouTube. Their style of music is attractive to listeners because it’s something fresh. Their music videos are artistic and go with the music. The collabs they have done brought more people to their music.

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