How To Create Your First ASMR Video

ASMR videos are designed to help viewers relax through certain auditory and visual triggers. This once-obscure niche community rose to prominence on YouTube a few years ago, and now many major vloggers have tried their hands at ASMR. This video style is only growing in popularity.

Here’s how to create your first ASMR video.

Research and find out what kind of ASMR you like.

Before you can create an effective ASMR video, you should familiarize yourself with the community around it. Plug in your headphones and check out videos from some of the most popular ASMR channels, such as Heather Feather, GentleWhispering, and ASMR Darling.

You may also consider watching a few other vloggers try out ASMR for the first time. These videos can give you a better idea of how to get started.

Invest in a quality external microphone.

You should be using an external mic to improve the audio quality in your videos already, but if you don’t have one yet, it’s a necessity for ASMR. Because these videos focus mainly on audio, your microphone can make or break the video.

There are all kinds of external mics on the market. Check out the video below to find the microphone that suits your needs.

Brainstorm unique ideas.

ASMR leaves a lot of room for interpretation. There’s no one way people create these videos. Some viewers prefer a series of triggers while others prefer roleplays. There are videos with whispering and videos where the vlogger remains completely silent. Every choice is up to the creator.

With such a wide variety of ASMR videos to choose from, viewers often look for something that’s different or unique. While planning your video, brainstorm a few unique ideas you could use to make your video stand out.

A great example is popular ASMR creator Life with MaK. Every video she uploads is unique and fun.

Collect any other tools or materials you want to use.

Once you’ve settled on an idea, collect any tools or materials you want to use in your video. This may include makeup brushes, cotton swabs, drinking glasses, or crunchy foods. You may also consider doing your nails because many ASMR fans enjoy the sound of tapping fingernails.

The best way to decide what tools you want to use is, once again, to research. Keep watching different kinds of ASMR videos and keep a list of the sounds you enjoy.

Record in a calm, quiet place.

Finally, because ASMR is all about audio, you should do everything possible to minimize background noise. Film in a calm, quiet place. Surround yourself with pillows and plush furniture that will help absorb sound. If you live with anyone else, you may consider waiting til they’re out of the house or asleep to film.

You can also reduce background noise when you edit. Follow the tutorial below.

ASMR videos are among the most popular on YouTube. Try your hand at one of these relaxing videos that can attract thousands of viewers.

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