How To Ensure Your Sponsored Videos Perform Well

Plenty of vloggers create branded content. Yet, some viewers may be wary of sponsored content, worrying that their favorite creator is only saying what he or she is being paid to say. If a viewer feels as if a sponsored video is too much like an advertisement, then that viewer may click out before the video is finished. However, if you strive to maintain the integrity of your content and deliver a great video, then your viewers won’t care that it’s sponsored.

Here’s how to ensure your sponsored videos perform well.

1. Don’t stray far from your typical content.

Your audience subscribed for a certain kind of videos. Your regular viewers expect something unique yet comfortable. While it’s okay to push the envelope sometimes, sponsored videos shouldn’t shake up your channel completely. Try to give your viewers a video you already know they’ll enjoy.

Jacksfilms has been making his popular “YIAY” video series for a few years now. While most episodes are sponsored, the sponsor rarely affects the content of the video itself until the very end.

2. Have something to give to your viewers.

People are a lot more likely to pay attention to an ad campaign if there’s something in it for them. That’s why sweepstakes and contests work so well. When you’re planning a sponsored video, ask the company you’re working with if you can have a coupon code or giveaway items to share with your viewers.

Vlogger Anna Akana makes a lot of sponsored videos. In her latest video with Audible, she included a code for a thirty-day free trial.

3. Only endorse products you’d use off camera.

If you wouldn’t use the product or service you’re endorsing off camera, then you probably shouldn’t allow that particular company to sponsor you. If you do, then it will come across as inauthentic, and your viewers will think you only did the video for money. However, if you work with companies whose products you use anyway, then your viewers will trust the endorsement. You’ll enjoy making the video more, too.

Dodie filmed a sponsored video with a clothing company she couldn’t get enough of. Her viewers loved the results.

When your sponsored videos perform well, you’ll increase the odds that more sponsors will want to work with you. Follow these tips to ensure your audience loves your branded content.

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