How This YouTuber Broke 8 Million Subscribers

YouTuber Bunny Meyer, who is better known as grav3yardgirl, recently passed her longtime subscriber goal of eight million. Her channel was made popular by her honest product reviews and her unforgettable personality.

Here’s how grav3yardgirl earned more than eight million subscribers.

1. She cashes in on trending topics.

It seems like everyone on YouTube is talking about fidget spinners. The little toys are the hottest topic of the summer, and most videos about them get thousands, if not millions, of views.

However, instead of trying out fidget spinner tricks or DIYing one of her own like many other vloggers have, Bunny decided to feature them in her popular “Can It Curl?” series. The video was covered by several popular media outlets after it was uploaded.

2. She keeps up with her video series.

Bunny does a lot of unboxing videos. Consequently, lots of viewers subscribe to her channel because they want to see what’s in a certain kind of subscription box. To keep these subscribers happy, Bunny makes monthly videos about several different subscription boxes.

3. She tests unique products and shares honest reviews.

If there’s a weird or wacky beauty product out there, Bunny is sure to try it. Many viewers tune in to find out if the latest hype in the makeup world is really worth the money. Bunny always keeps her reviews as honest as they are entertaining.

She recently tested out a gorgeous set of makeup brushes.

Grav3yardgirl broke her goal of eight million subscribers by making different videos for different videos. Emulate these moves on your own channel to turn more viewers into subscribers.

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