3 Ways To Appear As A Recommended Video On YouTube

When you watch a YouTube video, there are always a few more waiting for you on the side of your screen. More suggested videos appear at the end of the one that you’re watching. These recommended videos are how YouTube gets its viewers to consume more content and stay on the platform longer.

Here are a few ways that you can make your content appear as recommended videos on YouTube.

1. Get your viewers engaged.

The more your viewers interact with your videos, the more likely those videos are to be recommended to other potential viewers. Basically, you want to encourage your viewers to like and comment on your videos more than they already do.

Start with a call-to-action at the end of every video. Set a goal and share it with your viewers, such as “Let’s get this video to 1,000 likes!”. You can also ask a question for them to answer in the comments, such as “What kind of video do you want to see me do next?”.

Lifestyle vlogger NataliesOutlet has great calls-to-action in all of her videos. By encouraging her viewers to interact with her videos, she boosts the likelihood that even more viewers will see her content.

2. Focus on increasing your video watch time.

Watch time takes into account how long viewers are watching your videos. The longer they’re watching, the better your videos are in the eyes of the ranking algorithm. Videos with longer watch time will be ranked higher and appear as recommended videos more often.

Video watch time is a combination of several key factors. Keeping your videos short and creating playlists is a great way to start. Check out this post to learn more about increasing your video watch time.

This video is another great resource.

3. Jump on video trends.

A majority of recommended videos are related to the content of the previously watched video. This is why so many YouTubers create videos that are similar in nature. The algorithm links related content together, recommending these similar videos to viewers who have shown they enjoy that type of content.

Next time a video trend comes along, hop on the bandwagon. You can put your own twist on a popular video idea so that your content will be recommended next to similar ones. Because viewers often watch several different versions of a popular video trend, they’ll be excited to check out a video style they love from a creator who’s brand new to them.

One of the latest video trends was eBay mystery boxes. After top creators like BuzzFeed and AmazingPhil made these videos, lots of other vloggers got involved. Grav3yardgirl made one of the most talked-about mystery box videos.

Lots of viewers find new channels to subscribe to thanks to YouTube’s recommended videos. Incorporate these strategies into content creation to make your videos appear as recommendations to new viewers everywhere.

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