How To Get Viewers Binge-Watching Your Videos

In the age of Netflix and other streaming services, binge-watching has become one of viewers’ favorite ways to consume online video content. They watch episode after episode of their favorite TV shows until there’s nothing left to watch.

Many viewers also do this with YouTube videos. Binge-watching is fun for them and beneficial for you. Because binge-watching lengthens the amount of time a user spends on YouTube, the video ranking algorithm looks favorably upon videos that bring users to YouTube and keep them online.

Here’s how you can get viewers binge-watching your videos.

1. Upload short, snackable videos.

For viewers, watching a lot of short videos in a row is tempting. Though one twenty-minute video feels like enough, a shorter video is likely to leave them wanting more. By uploading short, snackable videos, you’ll ensure that your viewers can’t get enough.

Keep your videos between six and ten minutes long. As a bonus, these shorter videos will increase your watch time as well.

Vlogger Liza Schwartz frequently uploads short videos. When new and longtime viewers alike land on a video they enjoy, they can keep watching for hours at a time.

2. Create episodical, related content.

Netflix lovers know that it’s way more fun to binge-watch an entire series than random episodes of several different shows. Your viewers feel the same way about your videos.

You can get your viewers hooked on your channel by creating episodical, related content. When your videos go together, viewers will know exactly what they want to watch next.

Jacksfilms uploads several videos from his popular “YIAY” series every week. The majority of his videos get trending because his loyal audience has been waiting for the next installment.

3. Organize your videos into unique and interesting playlists.

Playlists are by far the best way to get viewers binge-watching your videos. Because they autoplay one video after another, playlists keep viewers watching without making them lift a finger.

Organize your videos into unique and interesting playlists that will entice your viewers to click on them. Don’t just give them broad categories. Rather, you should make your playlists as specific as possible. Be sure to link the playlists in the descriptions of the videos that you include.

Storytime vlogger Olivia Cara has her videos organized into several specific playlists. For example, though she has all of her storytime videos organized into one big playlist, she also has them separated into “Tinder Storytime” and “Creepy/Paranormal Experiences.”

Getting viewers to binge-watch your videos will also get them excited about your upcoming videos. Upload short videos, create episodic content, and organize your videos into playlists in order to get your viewers binge-watching.

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