How To Increase Session Starts On Your YouTube Channel

A session start is when a viewer accesses YouTube through your video link and stays on YouTube after that video is over. YouTube’s ranking algorithm rewards videos that get more session starts because they contribute to your overall video watch time. Videos that get more session starts will appear higher in the search results to other potential viewers.

Here’s how you can increase session starts on your YouTube channel.

1. Schedule video uploads and social media posts.

Frequent uploads get results. However, your channel will be more successful overall if you post new content on a set schedule rather than uploading new videos sporadically. On YouTube, consistency is key. If you tell your viewers that you’re going to upload a new video every Friday afternoon, then that new video better be ready and waiting for them every Friday afternoon.

Once you’ve got your upload schedule set and ready to follow, you need to pencil in your social media posts as well. After your video is uploaded to YouTube, you need to share the link on social media. Just once is not enough. You can tweet the link daily until a new video is posted or caption an Instagram post with something like, “New video! Link in bio.”

There are programs available to help you schedule all of your social media posts at once. HootSuite is one of the most popular and user-friendly.

2. Encourage viewers to turn on post notifications.

Post notifications make it easy for viewers to get your new videos as soon as they’re uploaded. YouTube will send notifications to their phones whenever you post something new. All they have to do is turn your post notifications on.

One of the best ways to get your viewers to turn on post notifications is simply to ask them to do so. In your video outro, when you’re reminding them to like and comment, add that they should “ding that notification bell” as well.

For more tips on getting subscribers to turn on your post notifications, check out this post. You may find this video to be helpful as well.

3. Embed new video links on your Instagram story.

Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media platforms, especially with younger demographics. A strong Instagram presence is a great way to attract these younger viewers, and you can make use of Instagram’s built-in features to bring them to your channel.

Instagram stories allow users to make posts that disappear after a day. You can easily embed video links into your Instagram story as well. By putting your video links on your story, you can share the same video several days in a row without clogging up your followers’ feeds.

Here’s a tutorial on adding links to your Instagram story.

You can increase your channel’s session starts by sharing your new video links on social media frequently and consistently. With an increase in session starts comes a boost in search rankings.

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