How to Avoid 4 Common Mistakes YouTubers Make

While the Internet is full of guides explaining exactly what to do to succeed on YouTube, it is also important to know what not to do. These four things are big mistakes YouTubers often make that are completely avoidable.

Here’s how to solve these problems.

1. Don’t beg for likes.

While likes, shares, and subscribers are super important for your channel, no one wants to hear you beg for them. Your viewers are people who have expressed interest in your videos, so don’t ruin that good first impression.

You don’t want to make it seem like your audience is just a means to an end; they are more than a viewer or subscriber number. Regardless, you will have to give people the option to easily subscribe in some way or another.

Below is a video explaining how to link to the subscribe page.

2. Be consistent with your content.

It can be tempting to try to be a jack of all trades on YouTube, but this usually isn’t a great idea. When content producers try to do everything, they end up producing a high quantity of low-quality work. Viewers, for the most part, do not appreciate this.

When viewers find your channel they are probably looking for something specific, such as reviews, vlogs, commentary, etc. It can be strange for someone, for example, to see their favorite vlog begin producing gaming commentary. Consistency is key for YouTube because it will draw in a much more appreciative crowd.

Epic Meal Time stays consistent with their videos, and their viewers always know what to expect.

3. Don’t take long breaks.

Without a doubt, putting out videos on a regular basis can be difficult, but this is critical to building an audience. Both YouTube sorting algorithms and the viewers themselves prefer content that they can follow on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

One big mistake is to take long breaks between videos and then produce lots in a short amount of time. When channels take breaks, viewers lose interest and might even unsubscribe.

Below is a video giving some tips to producing videos regularly in an already hectic life.

4. Have a plan for your channel.

If you want your YouTube career to be anything more than a short experiment in video production, make sure to have a plan. Your plan can be anything from saying you want to focus more on tech review once you hit a thousand subscribers, or it could be pushing your social media accounts.

The problem with aimlessly making videos with no long term goal is that you might lose your motivation or the spark that makes your videos special.

This video shows how anyone can start building a channel and making a plan for their content.

Starting and developing a YouTube channel is exciting and should be fun for you, but there are some things to watch out for. If you keep these four tips in your head, you won’t make the same mistakes so many others do.

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