How This Music Video Got 16 Million Views In A Month

A month after Halsey’s new music video for “Bad At Love” was uploaded to YouTube, it had more than sixteen million views. The video preceded her upcoming tour and built on the success of her previous single, “Now Or Never.”

Here’s how Halsey’s “Bad At Love” music video got more than sixteen million views in a month.

1. The video introduced her new single to a wider audience.

Though “Bad At Love” appeared on Halsey’s most recent album, it didn’t really receive radio play until it became her new single. The music video introduced the song to a wider audience, many of whom may have watched the video after hearing the song for the first time.

The video helped attract plenty of new listeners just in time for Halsey’s tour.

2. The video has a strong aesthetic.

There’s no doubt that “Bad At Love” is a beautiful video. The soft, retro vibes of the set juxtaposed with the edgy fashion that Halsey and her new friends sport creates something well worth watching over and over.

3. The video follows a strong, on-brand storyline.

The “Bad At Love” music video is all about female empowerment. This is perfectly on-brand for Halsey, who stands as an icon for feminism and equality of all kinds. The video’s empowering message rang true for her target audience of young women all across the world.

Halsey’s new “Bad At Love” music video got more than sixteen million views in a month because it introduced her new music to a wider audience. The video’s strong aesthetic and empowering storyline kept viewers pressing replay.

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