3 Types of Seasonal YouTube Videos To Create

There are certain types of videos that are uploaded seasonally or have a seasonal theme to them. For example, many DIY channels will have back-to-school videos in August, and they will have autumn-themed room decoration videos during the fall.

The following are three categories of seasonal videos often seen on YouTube that every content creator should be producing.

1. Back-To-School

Many people browsing through YouTube are students, whether they be junior high students, high school students, or college students. Many YouTubers know this, and particularly with DIY and lifestyle YouTubers, they will purposely create back-to-school-related videos for these subscribers.

These videos only appear once a year, usually in the month of August, as their purpose is to inspire students to gear up for the coming school year. These videos also have many views, as DIY subscribers like to watch videos with projects that really apply to their everyday lives.

2. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Themes

Content creators tend to make videos literally based off the seasons, too, because that is one of the best places to draw inspiration from. The seasons often affect people’s mood and tendencies, and viewers might want to dress a certain way or decorate our room in another way as the seasons change.

So, many video makers upload outfit inspiration videos (e.g. winter outfit ideas) and room decor videos (e.g. fall room decor). Any videos can easily be turned into seasonal ones, really. If you’re ever stuck without any ideas, a great way to find new inspiration is to turn to the seasons!

3. Holidays

This type of video is similar to the previous type, as it relies literally on the seasons. However, holidays are even more specific. Videos can easily be created by drawing from popular holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

Whether it’s DIYs, outfit videos, makeup tutorials, or even vlogs, holidays are great sources of inspiration, as holidays are usually inclusive of the whole YouTube community. Subscribers who also celebrate this holiday will definitely love tuning into these videos.

When you’re struggling to come up with video ideas, definitely consider the above three seasonal themes. Many people enjoy watching these videos, as these videos apply to their everyday lives, and you’ll definitely have fun making them!

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