3 Tips To Make Your Stage Presence Unforgettable

Going to a concert you’ve been waiting months to see is all the more exciting when every minute of the performance is electric. A strong stage presence showcases your passion for music in a way that even the fans seated in the very back row can see. Here’s how to make you stage presence unforgettable.

1. Aesthetics

Taking into consideration how your stage will appear to your audience instantly keeps your fans engaged. A great way to do so is think about your set list, what songs are you performing, and how can you make your stage switch to fit to each of the song’s messages or the general vibe you are trying to accomplish.

A great example of this is the alternative band The 1975 and their new album tour. Their tour had portable screens that were taken to each stage they performed at, which flashed with colors and such to emphasis the general mood and appearance of each song.

2. Costume

What you wear and how you wear it can instantly improve your stage presence. Changing your outfits or having them look a certain way to emphasis the storytelling of your song will boost how the audience sees you and their understanding of your message.

Selena Gomez’s new tour, Revival, is an excellent example of this. Her ever-changing outfits, of herself and her dancers, give each song a personalized experience.

3. Engage

It’s easy to see a tour or concert performance as your job- you deliver the song and move on. But the audience aren’t coworkers in the office, they’re your fans. They love your music, and they love you as a musician, too. To create a stronger connection with them, simply connect directly to them in the way you are most comfortable in! Before and between songs, explain what they mean to you. Even talking about how your day is going works. Fans are humans, too, and they appreciate not only knowing more about the musicians they listen to, but also being treated to a personalized experience!

Having an unforgettable stage presence includes various factors, which might not be possible due to various limits a musician might have. The important thing to consider is this: how can you translate your songs to the audience in the most articulate and engaging way?

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Barbara Kandek enjoys writing stories and listening to music. She also loves traveling the world and taking pictures of her adventures. You can find her on Instagram @b.vd.k

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