How Musicians Can Increase Searchability on YouTube

There’s no secret to increasing the ranking of your video’s views and search. Hard and strategic work is required. Here are a few ways you can amp up your presence on YouTube by following current SEO strategies.

Work on Your Title

Your title can be thought of as your video’s “headline”. A good title helps the audience understand the content in a matter of seconds. So make sure to choose the right keywords to help describe what your video is about. Keep your titles concise, descriptive, and between 3-5 words in length. Add words like “new” or “best,” as they tend to attract more viewers.

Brush up Your Descriptions

Aim for including the most important information about your video in the first two sentences. A good example is the band Local Native’s keyworded description of their “Breakers” music video. It simply states “Official music video for ‘Breakers’ by Local Natives off their album, Hummingbird.” Right away, we know exactly what we’re about to watch. And it can be found by typing in “Local Natives,” “Breakers,” “Hummingbird,” etc. The description also includes links to sites where you can purchase the band’s songs, follow them on social media, or check out their other work.

Use Your CTA Tool

CTA stands for “call-to-action”. It’s basically that—a call to your audience on a specific action that you wish they make. YouTube lets you include a CTA in the form of a button in your video. It’s highly recommended that you use one to call out attention and interest in your viewers. Go on your YouTube channel and do a little research on how to make it happen. After you do, be sure you measure your CTA performance to analyze the results of your video campaign.

By mindfully creating your video’s title, description, and CTA, you’ll build a larger audience in no time.

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