3 Things that Make Of Monsters and Men’s Lyric Videos Unforgettable

Creating lyric videos is an incredible way to showcase your music in a simple, yet creative style. The Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men created a series of stunning lyric videos for their album My Head is an Animal, and musicians can learn a lot from their work!

Here are three reasons why the lyric videos for My Head is an Animal are striking, powerful, and unforgettable.

1. They are beautifully simple.

The lyric videos for My Head is an Animal feature a series of scenes in a mythical world, and each video captures one scene. Each one simply shows a snapshot of the fantasy world, the lyrics of the song, and an animated figure.

This design is quite simple for a video, but the simplicity works very well here because it allows the viewers to focus on the lyrics and the main scene. Musicians should always remember that a video doesn’t necessarily have to be complex to be quality!

Here is the first lyric video of the album, “Dirty Paws.” It features a furry beast carrying a flag through a blizzard while birds soar through the sky.

2. They feature stunning visuals.

The simplicity of these videos also allows the viewers to focus on the visuals, which are absolutely stunning. The songs on My Head is an Animal are based on nature, and the videos feature natural and mythical scenes in gray-scale. These mythical scenes of nature (such as the “From Finner” sea monster video and the “Mountain Sound” video of horses jumping over cliffs) reflect the raw and nearly “magical” nature and beauty of Iceland, and these visuals draw the viewers in.

Check out the strikingly beautiful lyric video for the song “Mountain Sound.”

3. They make the album thematic and cohesive.

The last thing that makes these lyric videos great is the overarching theme that connects them all. Each video is a moving part of the equation, and when the videos come together, it creates a striking fantasy world and visual album. The fact that all of the videos have the same theme helps viewers understand what the album is generally about and how the songs are united. The thematic videos make the album incredibly cohesive and clearly express themes of nature, adventure, and fantasy.

It is always a good idea to have an overarching theme in your album and express that theme in your videos! Check out the lyric video to “King and Lionheart,” where the viewers can see the whole overarching fantasy kingdom of the visual album.

Creating lyric videos is a great idea for musicians because these videos allow viewers to take a closer look at your lyrics and messages. If you make your lyric videos simple, visually stunning, thematic, and cohesive, fans will be driven to your music!

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.