How To Monetize Your Next Live Stream

YouTube Live makes it simple to connect with your audience in real time. While you can’t monetize a live stream like a typical video, there are plenty of other ways to earn money during your broadcast.

Here’s how to monetize your next live stream.

Enable Super Chat and Super Stickers.

With Super Chat, your live stream viewers can send premium messages that stand out from the others in your chat, greatly increasing the likelihood that you’ll see them in time to respond. Super Stickers are similar, except that instead of sending messages, they can send exclusive stickers in the chat. Both features must be paid for by your viewers, which is how you earn money through them.

In order to enable Super Chat and Super Stickers, your channel must be part of the YouTube Partner Program. To turn them on, navigate to the “Monetization” tab in your YouTube Studio. Next, click on “Supers” then “get started.” From there, follow the on screen instructions.

Host exclusive live streams for Channel Members only.

Channel Memberships function in a similar fashion to Patron or other subscribers-only content creation platforms. When you enable them on your channel, you can put exclusive content and reward behind a paywall. Only paying subscribers can access these rewards.

One of the best rewards you can offer your Channel Members is exclusive live streams. This will give them a chance to interact with you in real time with a much smaller audience than your typical YouTube Lives. Be sure to promote any exclusive streams to your general audience so that they can sign up for Channel Memberships in time.

Upload the recording as a normal video so you can monetize it.

After your YouTube Live broadcast concludes, you can upload it to your channel as if it was any other video. Then, as long as you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can monetize it through ads. Just make sure it complies with the advertiser-friendly guidelines.

To get more views on your video, post the link as soon as you can. Let your viewers know that if they missed the stream, they’ll be able to watch it back. If you don’t want to clog your main channel feed with live stream recordings, then you might consider starting a second channel just for them.

Live streams are a fun way to engage with your viewers and boost your income at the same time. Before the next time you go live, make sure to enable all the different monetization features.

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