3 Successful YouTube Musicians You Can Learn From

There are many musicians who have grown successful through YouTube. The great thing about uploading content online is that anyone with Internet access can do so. However, as YouTube becomes increasingly popular, standing out can become harder. The following three YouTube musicians are great sources of inspiration to learn from.

1. Kurt Hugo Schneider

With over seven million subscribers and triple that number in views, Kurt Hugo Schneider is a video editor, producer, singer, and songwriter whose medium of focus is YouTube videos. Whereas almost all YouTube musicians upload videos of themselves covering songs, Kurt’s channel is different in that he mainly makes music videos for other YouTube singers.

He occasionally uploads his own covers, but the bulk of his channel content is music videos for others that he produces and edits. He takes care of the music, usually by playing piano, and he arranges the video concept, cinematography, and editing.

Many YouTuber singers hope to collaborate with Kurt Hugo Schnieder. He creates high-quality content on his own without the aid of corporations, which makes his music that much more genuine. He combines his musical and technical talent to consistently put out amazing videos.

In this video, you can see that Kurt Hugo Schneider is not the main focus of the video; he’s playing the piano and creating the loops for the track while another person (Tyler Ward) is singing. His channel is a lot like a one-man record label.

2. Jon Cozart (PAINT)

One of the hardest things to do is succeed in standing out among the thousands of music channels out there. How are your videos going to be different from everyone else who is singing covers in front of a camera? The answer is creativity, and the best example is PAINT.

What Jon Cozart possesses that few musicians on YouTube have is an incomparable creativity. His channel blew up overnight when he uploaded a Disney princesses medley, but it wasn’t just any medley. He parodied Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle, and Jasmine by writing his own hilarious lyrics. Anyone could have created a medley of princess songs. Not everyone, though, could have written such entertaining lyrics.

Before he knew it, word spread of Jon’s video, and the FineBros featured it on their react channel. Jon later uploaded a sequel featuring different princesses, and he uploaded a few other parodies. Although his channel has nowhere near as many videos as other YouTube musicians, the few that he has are widely loved and highly entertaining.

3. Lindsey Stirling

Music on YouTube doesn’t only mean singing; instrumentalists are also a huge part of the YouTube music scene. ThePianoGuys and Lindsey Stirling are a few of the most well-known YouTube instrumentalists. Many people who are passionate about their musical instrument rarely upload YouTube covers with their instruments because they don’t see much of that online. Most people think the only acceptable music they should upload are covers.

Do not forget that instrumental music is the root of all music, though. Lindsey Stirling has always been passionate about the violin, and she arranges her own medleys and remixes for all her YouTube videos. She believed in herself and her violin, and so did many viewers. She has embarked on plenty of tours, released her songs on iTunes, and collaborates with other musicians, both instrumentalists and singers alike.

Do not doubt yourself when it comes to uploading music on YouTube. Remember that as long as you show your strongest musical aspects and make an effort to put out high-quality videos, your music channel will remain steady and growing, like the above three musicians.

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Angelina Hue enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, from instrumental movie scores to alternative indie to Korean pop music. She also likes to make short films and write fiction.

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