How to Promote a Business With YouTube

If you’re looking to promote your business or product through YouTube, consider the following three options. Sponsoring videos, creating your own videos, and collaborating on projects with other content creators are all great methods of YouTube promotion.

1. Sponsor videos.

There are a few ways to sponsor videos. A company can pay a YouTuber to advertise its product by mentioning it briefly in the beginning or throughout the video. For example, many YouTubers advertise apps (games, editors, etc.). Another way can be sending products to YouTubers for review; most beauty gurus have videos featuring this. If you’re looking to promote your business or product through YouTube, a great way is to do so through well-known YouTubers.

The following is an example of an indirectly sponsored video. The company didn’t specifically pay the YouTuber or request that she advertise the products, but it did send her a whole box of its skincare products. She made a video reviewing the products and definitely helped spread the company’s name.

2. Create tutorial videos.

Particularly for makeup products, creating a channel and uploading makeup tutorials using the brand’s products will definitely help promote the company. If viewers like the makeup look, they’ll want to recreate it. To do that, they’ll need to buy the products used in the video to achieve the same look.

Although long-time YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan has her own channel, she created a new one for her newly-released cosmetics line, em cosmetics. All of the makeup tutorials on this channel are created using only em cosmetics products.

3. Collaborate on projects.

A business can also promote itself by collaborating on projects with other YouTube channels. This is different to sponsoring in that the company doesn’t pay any money to the YouTuber to advertise, nor does it necessarily require such active advertising.

The company can simply provide certain materials the content creator needs, and the two sides can work together to produce videos. The company’s name will, of course, be credited, whether in the title or the description.

A great example of this is seen in Buzzfeed’s “Puppyhood” series. Purina Puppy Chow collaborated with Buzzfeed to make these videos beneficial to both parties . This is a plus for Buzzfeed, as it is putting out new, enjoyable content, and it was a plus for Purina, as it is subtly promoting its brand.

The above suggestions are great jumping-off points for promoting a product or service, especially a new one. If you’re looking to promote something like this, definitely give YouTube a shot.

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