3 Standout Strategies To Attract More YouTube Subscribers

If you are looking for standout strategies to attract more subscribers, look no further! We have listed three unconventional, yet surefire ways to engage more followers on YouTube.

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1. Offer free giveaways to viewers

Free giveaways are great to build your subscriber base. Offer viewers something in return for their support and participation. Give away items that are relevant to your channel to create hype around your brand. For instance, you can give away affordable makeup if you post fashion and makeup tutorials. Once the giveaway is over, continue to provide engaging content to keep viewers interested in your channel.

Popular YouTuber Bethany Mota regularly offers free giveaways to attract more subscribers. Watch one of her giveaway videos below:

Note: It is against YouTube’s policy to give rewards in exchange for likes and comments. Therefore, be cautious about how you want to organize your giveaways.

2. Organize a contest around your YouTube video

Contests are very effective to attract YouTube viewers. Organize a contest around your YouTube channel and offer a prize to increase traffic to your channel. For instance, you can ask viewers to write an epic blog post about your channel, create a cool video on why they like your channel, leave a comment, or share your videos on social networks with an interesting captions. You don’t necessarily have to to offer expensive prizes. Instead, you can offer winners with a chance to be a part of your next video. You could even create an exclusive video on a topic of their choice.

Watch the video below to learn how to organize an effective YouTube contest:

3. Participate in the YouTube Fan Finder program

YouTube created Fan Finder to help creators to reach new fans. Fan Finder requires you to submit up to five advertisements for your channel. YouTube then displays your channel ad as a skippable TrueView ad on videos relevant to your channel. Viewers who click on the channel ad will be directed to your YouTube channel. To direct more viewers to your channel, create short, entertaining and engaging channel ads. Submit your channel ad with Fan Finder to promote your videos for free!

Use Fan Finder to get more subscribers

You need to constantly explore fresh strategies to promote your YouTube channel. YouTube is a fiercely competitive platform. Creativity will always win you more viewers and followers. Incorporate the above strategies to get more subscribers on YouTube.

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