4 Ways To Reach A Global YouTube Audience

global YouTube audience

YouTube provides the perfect platform to reach new audience from across the world. With local versions in over 70 countries, YouTube offers immense audience diversity.

Follow these four strategies to expand your reach to a global YouTube audience:

1. Tailor your content to a global audience

Create content that people belonging to different countries enjoy watching. People’s likes and dislikes vary culturally. Check your YouTube Analytics Demographic report to determine the countries you receive most traffic from. Next, use Google Trends to explore trending topics in those countries. Create evergreen content on popular topics to attract viewers from other countries.

2. Offer a comfortable viewing experience 

Provide a comfortable viewing experience to attract more international viewers. You can include translated subtitles, titles and metadata for non-English speaking viewers. You could also collaborate with people from other countries to establish your presence. By making it easier for international viewers to watch your videos, you can grow your watch time and share rates. 

3. Include subtitles and closed captions (CC)

There are several advantages to using translated subtitles and closed captions in your videos. One, you can boost your channel’s visibility worldwide. Two, your channel becomes more accessible to the hearing-impaired and people who speak different languages. Three, subtitles provide clarity. It is not very difficult to access translations. You can either buy  them online or crowdsource them from your viewers. For example, YouTuber Sharla in Japan made a video requesting her fans to create subtitles for her. In 24 hours, her video was translated into 50 languages.

4. Offer translated titles and metadata

Translate your titles and metadata into local languages to ensure your video pops up when people search for related keywords. Translate your metadata into the languages of the countries you receive most traffic from. Translated titles and metadata is a great way to enhance your videos’ discoverability in search results all over the world.

YouTube is a global platform that connects millions of people with varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Offering a local and multilingual viewing experience can help you to attract millions of viewers all over the world. Follow the above useful tips to expand your channel’s global reach.

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