3 Brilliant Marketing Strategies That Led Adele To Success


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After a five year hiatus, Adele took the music industry by storm with her new album, 25. With the help of a powerful marketing team, Adele made headlines for record-breaking sales accomplishment. 25 became the sixth album released since 2001 to sell 8 million copies in the U.S.

Below are three brilliant marketing strategies that led Adele to success: 

1. Teased fans with a short intro to Hello

Adele had not released new music for three years since her second studio album, 21. Fans were eagerly waiting for any news regarding her next big release. Adele very cleverly released a 30 second video of Hello during The X Factor’s ad break. The video was extremely simple. It consisted of a black background with lyrics to Hello’s intro displayed in white. The video did not give away anything regarding Adele’s comeback. As a result, social media was flooded with speculations on whether she was finally releasing her next album. The teaser built up a lot of anticipation and excitement among fans.

2. Released Hello as a free single 

To create buzz for her new album, 25, Adele released Hello as a free single. She also refused to offer her album via streaming services such as Spotify and Apple music. By releasing the best song on the album for free, she built anticipation for the album. Hello created a social media pandemic and fans were left longing for more music. 25 became a commercial success due to this simple, yet very effective strategy. According to Billboard, over 8 million album copies were sold in the U.S alone.


3. Partnered with prominent people to market her album

Adele won fans’ hearts by participating in an impersonator contest soon after the album launch. She partnered with the BBC and Graham Norton to pull off the prank. The video raked in over 40 million views on Youtube.  

She also partnered with Jimmy Fallon to perform Hello with classroom instruments. The video became a huge success on YouTube with over 30 million views. Adele also appeared on popular T.V shows such as Saturday Night Live to promote her album. T.V appearances and partnerships with famous hosts, played a huge role in boosting Adele’s album sales.

Adele has established herself as a phenomenal musician and stands out for her unconventional marketing decisions. Consider how you can emulate some of her marketing choices to scale success.

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