How This Band Started Climbing The Music Charts

Imagine Dragons’ new song “Believer” has been all over the radio this summer. However, it wasn’t too long ago that the four members were still college graduates just trying to piece a new band together.

Here’s how Imagine Dragons started climbing the music charts.

1. They switched around members until they had the perfect lineup.

Imagine Dragons was founded by Brigham Young University students Dan Reynolds and Andrew Tolman. They played with three other students. When those three other BYU students left the band, Tolman recruited a few friends from Berklee College of Music to join them.

After releasing a few EPs with Imagine Dragons, Tolman decided to leave the band, along with his wife, who sang their backup vocals. The other members recruited Daniel Platzman in his place, and the band was signed to a record deal soon after.

2. The band released a successful single before debuting a full-length album.

Before the band released its first album with a major label, they decided to test the waters with a new single. “It’s Time” shot up the charts, and the album, Night Visions, landed Imagine Dragons the top spot on Billboard’s 2013 “Year In Rock” list.

3. Their second single exploded in popularity.

Rather than settle with the success of “It’s Time,” Imagine Dragons chose to release a second single fron Night Visions. “Radioactive” became the band’s first smash hit, leading Rolling Stone to name it as the “biggest rock hit of the year.”

Imagine Dragons went through a lot of changes in the time it took them to get from college campuses to the big leagues. Take the band’s journey to the top as inspiration on your own path to fame.

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