How to Get YouTube Famous

Every content creator dreams of becoming the next big thing. However, becoming a famous YouTuber isn’t like becoming a star actor or a music icon.

Here’s how to get YouTube famous.

1. Be outrageous.

One of Tana Mongeau’s first viral videos was “My Creepy Stalker Story.” By sharing an extremely outrageous part of her life, Tana earned a community of more than two million loyal supporters.

In order to draw people to your channel, you should share the story that no one else has to tell. Be outrageous, but like Tana, be honest.

2. Update often.

Joey Graceffa uploads a new video every single day. He mixes it up with vlogs, DIYs, storytimes, and everything in between.

To keep your viewers coming back for more, give them a steady stream of quality content. Be careful not to sacrifice quality for quantity, though.

3. Collaborate with big-name creators.

Comedian Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, is one of the biggest names on the Internet. She loves to collaborate with her fellow YouTubers. This collab with AsapSCIENCE got more than four million views.

Find out what big-name YouTubers live near you and reach out to them. Even if it’s just a shoutout collaboration, working with popular content creators will get your name out there.

4. Take a trend to the extreme.

Jenna Marbles took the “100 Layers” trend to the extreme. Her “Ultimate 100 Coats of Things Video” got almost eleven million views.

The next time a viral trend comes around, take it as far as you can. Be safe, but be daring.

YouTube fame can happen overnight. Follow these tips to get one step closer to your dreams.

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